FRP Gratings
FRP Gratings

Transform Your Industrial Flooring with Our FRP Gratings

Experience the next level of safety, durability, and corrosion resistance with our specialized FRP Gratings.

Resin Systems

ISOFR - Isopthalic Polyester Fire-Retardant Resin

A high grade polyester resin system, which is designed for medium industrial and chemical processing applications. ASTM-84 flame spread rating of 25 or less. 

VEFR - Vinyl Ester Fire Retardant Resin

A vinyl ester resin system, which was developed for use in the toughest environments. It offers outstanding resistance to a wide range of highly corrosive situations from, caustics to acids. ASTM-84 flame spread rating of 15 or less. 

Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer Gratings

Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Gratings offer a corrosion-resistant alternative to traditional metal gratings. Engineered for durability and strength, these gratings are ideal for various industrial applications, including walkways and flooring, where chemical resistance and safety are paramount.

Clip Assemblies

Fasteners to be M6 x 55 c/w 1No. washer 1No. nyloc nut and 1No. clip all material is to be s/steel 316. – A minimum of 4No. clips required per sqm of grating.

Moulded Gratings Loading Table

  1. The designer should not exceed MAXIMUM RECOMMENDED load at any time. MAXIMUM RECOMMENDED load represents a 5:1 factor of safety on ULTIMATE CAPACITY.
  2. ULTIMATE CAPACITY represents a complete and total failure of the grating.
  3. Walking loads, typically 2.4 KN/m2, is recommended for pedestrian traffic. Deflections for workers comfort are typicall limited to 9mm or SPAN divided by 120 under full live load. For a firmer feel under full live load or a 3.6 KN/m2 load, limit deflection to 6 mm or span divided by 200.
  4. The allowable loads are for static load conditions at ambient temperatures. Allowable loads for impact or dynamic loads should be a maximum of one-half the value shown. Long term loads will result in added deflection due to creep in the material and will also require higher safety factors to ensure acceptable performance.

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